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I joined this amazing business a year ago to make an extra income and become a healthier me. I wanted to bring in some extra money to help pay off some bills and my student loan . My husband and I were both in the restaurant industry as chefs, our schedules were pretty much opposite( both work and parenting). He would have the daddy shift in the morning and dinner service shift at work; I would have the morning pastry prep shift in the morning and mommy shift in the evening . We considered family time to be grocery shopping or laundry on our days off. We decided we didn’t want that life anymore. 


We prayed for a change.. We were tired of settling and just being comfortable! LET ME TELL YOU.. When they say a year will change your life in this company…BELIEVE IT! I am a new me because of this opportunity! I would love to help you on your journey to a better YOU! Our family is still a work in progress but we have already crossed a lot of things of our dream board. I love inspiring people to follow their dreams and never settle. I believe when you are destined for greatness, you will be unstoppable! Let’s take this adventure together ! I am here for you !


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